MFAEI press release regarding the return of Montenegrin citizens from the border with Serbia

    Podgorica, Montenegro (10 February 2016) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and the Embassy of Montenegro in Budapest are undertaking all the necessary activities aimed at returning six Montenegrin nationals from Germany who have not been granted entry at the border with Serbia because they were in possession of the European travel papers issued by German authorities without obtaining prior agreement from line authorities in Montenegro.

    Upon receiving information on the issue, the MFAEI and the Embassy have taken action with the view to offering necessary assistance and providing accommodation and medical care.

    The Embassy in Budapest has filed a request for agreement for the issuance of travel papers for the return of these persons to Montenegro, which ought to be issued today, following which the conditions will arise for their continued journey and entry into Serbia.

    The problem has occurred due to the failure of the German side to honour the agreement reached previously with the line authorities in Montenegro to check, prior to returning our citizens to Montenegro, their nationality and to request Montenegro’s agreement for the issuance of the said travel papers.

    On this occasion a protest has been submitted to the German Embassy for failure to honour the agreement and set procedures, and our Embassy has request audience with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany in order to underscore the omission that has taken place with the view to avoiding similar problems in the future.


    Source: Government of Montenegro