Minister Ivanović’s visit to Brussels significant for further progress of Montenegro’s agriculture towards EU

    Brussels, Belgium (5 March 2015) — Montenegro moves closer to meeting requirements for the opening of the negotiating chapters 11, 12 and 13, relating to agriculture, food safety and fisheries, the European Commission’s officials noted at their meetings with Montenegro’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Petar Ivanović during his official visit to Brussels. The European Commission highly praised the team working within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, headed by Minister Ivanović, the track record in the process of meeting criteria for the start of negotiations in these chapters, emphasising they had been achieved in a very short period of time. If the reform momentum is continued, the opening of the three chapters in the field of agriculture could begin by the end of the yea, the European Commission’s officials announced.

    On the third day of his official visit to Brussels, Minister Ivanović met with leaders of the EC Directorate for food safety and fisheries, IPARD Unit in the Directorate General for Agriculture, as well as representatives of private companies.

    Source: Government of Montenegro