Minister Kavarić visits Belgrade: Economic cooperation between Montenegro and Serbia should be further encouraged

    Belgrade, Serbia (3 March 2015) — Infrastructure, transport and energy are three key areas of cooperation between Montenegro and Serbia, Montenegro’s Economy Minister Vladimir Kavarić told Monday the press conference following the signing of the protocol from the second session of the Montenegrin-Serbian Joint Economic Commission

    This is a project of regional significance, which encourage competitiveness of both countries, Minister Kavarić stressed.
    Serbian Economy Minister Željko Sertić, who co-chairs the Commission on behalf of the Serbian government, stressed that the meeting underlined that good bilateral relations and cooperation in the coming period should be further boosted, especially through regular sessions of the Joint Commission as a basis for strengthening economic relations between the two countries.
    The Joint Commission discussed economic situation, as well bilateral trade and economic cooperation in the fields of tourism, information and communication technology, transport, agriculture, environment, energy, and regional and cross-border cooperation.
    It was noted there is space for enhancing bilateral trade and investment cooperation, and agreements on economic cooperation and mutual promotion of investments will provide an institutional framework for promotion and protection of investors from both countries, who wish to launch business initiatives and set up common companies or other forms of joint projects.
    It was also concluded that both sides should support their business communities, public and private companies, explore possibilities for cooperation and establishment of joint enterprises in agreed areas of cooperation. In that context, the meeting addressed current economic and investment climate in Montenegro and Serbia, as well as investment incentives and protection of investment.
    The Protocol stipulates that the third session of the Joint Commission will be held in Montenegro.

    Source: Government of Montenegro