Minister Konjević: First devices for electronic identification of voters delivered to Montenegro

    Podgorica, Montenegro (27 November 2015) — The first contingent of 300 devices for electronic identification of voters has arrived in Montenegro, Interior Minister Raško Konjević noted at today’s meeting with ambassadors of EU member states in Montenegro.

    He added that the remaining 900 devices are expected to be delivered in December and January. Minister Konjević briefed the representatives of EU member states’ missions on the Ministry’s efforts towards implementing the Law on Electoral Register and Law on Election of Councillors and MPs. He said that the new electoral register was established in February and explained its functioning. He added that the portal has been launched and political parties have been provided with insight in the electoral register, and that the procedures for procurement of equipment for packaging and sending notices to citizens after the conclusion of the electoral register have been also initiated. Minister Konjević underlined that the Interior Ministry is not responsible for conducting elections.

    Minister Konjević referred to the three levels of the electoral register’s control – by political parties, the National Election Commission, as well as by the citizens themselves. In that regard, he expects the political parties to show greater interest in accessing the electoral register’s application, and citizens to check the electoral register through the portal.

    The meeting also stressed that local governments have to make decisions on the names of settlements, streets and squares, on the basis of which the municipal election commissions can reach decisions on polling stations that will be fully complied with the electoral register. The meeting voiced expectation that the municipalities will fulfil their commitments in terms of decision-making by the end of the year.

    Source: Government of Montenegro