Minister Pejanovic Djurisic met US Secretary of Defence Charles Hagel

    Within the framework of the official visit to the United States of
    America, Defence Minister Milica Pejanovic Djurisic, Phd had a meeting with the
    US Secretary of Defence Charles Hagel.

    During the
    conversation, Minister Pejanovic Djurisic confirmed readiness and commitment of
    Montenegro with regard to the implementation of activities from the
    Euro-Atlantic agenda, particularly in the areas that require additional
    improvements and results. She pointed out significant progress in the areas of
    rule of law, fight against corruption, increase of public support for joining
    NATO Alliance, continuation of reforms in security sector, as well as
    continuation of equipping and modernizing the Armed Forces of Montenegro. In
    this context, she expects that the level of readiness and achieved progress of
    Montenegro will be adequately recognized and verified at the upcoming NATO
    Summit in Wales. In addition, Minister Pejanovic Djurisic is convinced that the
    process of Euro-Atlantic integrations, ongoing in Montenegro, has significant
    contribution in improving the overall efficiency and quality of public
    institutions, as well as democratic development of the whole Montenegrin society.

    bilateral cooperation with the USA in the area of defence, Minister Pejanovic
    Djurisic said that the current military-military cooperation is meaningful and
    useful for further development of capabilities and interoperability of the
    Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces personnel, particularly in the area of
    education and training, as well as equipping the AF units with modern
    equipment. In this context she expects to expand future cooperation in other
    areas. She reminded Secretary Hagel on the participation of the Montenegrin soldiers
    in international missions and operations, primarily in the ISAF Mission in Afghanistan,
    as well as in the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), and EU Mission “ATALANTA” in the
    waters of Somalia. Additionally she informed him about the plans of sending our
    soldiers to the EU Missions in Mali and Central-African Republic, about which
    the Parliament of Montenegro has recently adopted a decision.

    US Defence
    Secretary Charles Hagel emphasized the progress Montenegro made during the
    previous period, particularly in modernizing and reforming defence sector. In
    his talks about the upcoming NATO Summit, he encouraged Montenegro to continue
    with the reforms, expressing their readiness to continue providing support in
    these processes. US Defence Secretary Hagel has specifically acknowledged
    results achieved by Montenegrin soldiers in international missions and
    operations, expressing further support for Montenegrin efforts to, in this way,
    contribute in building global peace.

    During the meeting
    they exchanged opinions on the actual security situation in Ukraine and its
    possible reflections on the region of Southeast Europe.

    After the
    meeting with US Defence Secretary Hagel, Minister Pejanovic Djurisic visited
    Pentagon Memorial Room dedicated to the victims of terrorist attack on Pentagon
    from 11th September, 2001 and enrolled in the Memorial Book.


    Minister Pejanovic Djurisic met with the Assistant Secretary of State
    for Political-Military Affairs, Puneet Talwar. On this occasion, she has
    informed him with the accomplished reforms, as well as the expectations from
    the upcoming NATO Summit in Wales. Minister pointed out that Montenegro has, in
    continuity and in sustainable manner, implemented reforms, which in such a way
    create basis for the implementation of standards and criteria envisaged by the
    Euro-Atlantic Agenda. In addition, she emphasized that Montenegro is committed
    in further improving good neighbourly relations and cooperation among the
    countries of the region in order to ensure security and create favourable
    conditions for economic development.

    Assistant Talwar agreed that Montenegro achieved significant results in NATO
    accession processes. He expressed his conviction that partners will recognize
    the level of Montenegrin readiness to become member of NATO and encouraged
    Montenegro to continue with reforms.


    Furthermore, Minister met the Director of the SD Office for South and
    Central Europe, Jonathan Moore. On this occasion they talked about the existing
    situation in the region, as well as possible implications of the Ukraine crisis
    on the region of Western Balkan. Minister Pejanovic Djurisic and Moore have
    agreed that Montenegro has very important role in stabilizing the region and
    enhancing good neighbourly relations, as well as that Montenegrin membership to
    NATO would have positive impact to the whole region of Western Balkan.


    Ambassador of Montenegro in Washington Srdjan Darmanovic,
    Phd participated in meetings at the Pentagon and State Department.

    Source: Government of Montenegro