Minister Vučinović, Ambassador Steinacker: Germany backs Montenegro’s EU and NATO bid

    Podgorica, Montenegro (25 February 2015) — Minister without portfolio Marija Vučinović met earlier today with German Ambassador Gudrun Elisabeth Steinacker for talks on the role of the Croatian minority in political and social life of Montenegro, expectations in the process of European and Euro-Atlantic integration and possibilities of exchanging experience about cooperation between the governments and the civil sectors of Montenegro and Germany.

    Minister Vučinovć briefed Ambassador Steinacker about the Croatian national minority in Montenegro, which she represents through her political engagement. She pointed out that the Croatian national community wants to make its full contribution to Montenegro’s EU accession process and that it supports the country’s membership in the NATO.

    Ambassador Steinacker stressed that, when it comes to EU and NATO bids, Montenegro can count on German support, emphasising that tangible results and progress in the rule of law are necessary in order to achieve these key objectives. The two officials agreed that Montenegro has made notable achievements in terms of implementing reforms, but that it has to make additional efforts towards implementing laws in order to maintain and improve the pace of integration.

    Minister Vučinović also informed the German Ambassador about the work of the Council for the Development of NGOs, as well as the challenges it tackles.

    Ambassador Steinacker welcomed the Montenegro government’s efforts in that respect and she commended a number of regional initiatives that are being initiated by the civil society, referring to the area of social protection and rights of the most vulnerable social groups.

    Both sides agreed that the exchange of experience between Montenegro and Germany related to the cooperation between the government and civil society in the field of social protection and protection of human rights is crucial as it enables better harmonisation with the standards prescribed by the European Union.

    Source: Government of Montenegro