Ministers Pejović, Koenders: Montenegro makes notable progress towards EU

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    Podgorica, Montenegro (18 April 2017) – During the five years of the EU accession process, Montenegro made a notable progress not only in the area of planning and organisation, but also in terms of meeting the requirements within the negotiation process, Minister of Foreign Affairs Aleksandar Andrija Pejović and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Bert Koenders highlighted at the meeting.

    Dutch Minister Koenders commended Montenegro for the results achieved so far, stressing that the Netherlands will continue supporting the EU enlargement policy, thus providing Montenegro support in implementing the reforms and making progress towards the EU membership, particularly when it comes to the rule of law, agriculture and finance.

    Minister Pejović thanked Minister Koenders for the overall support of the Netherlands to Montenegro and presented the results Montenegro achieved so far in the EU accession process. He explained that that the work on reforming the legislative framework is completed, required institutions established and capacities of employees strengthened. In that regard, Montenegro has met preconditions for achieving progress in this area, he added.

    Minister Pejović informed Minister Koneders about the forthcoming plans for opening of the remaining negotiation chapters, noting that Montenegro has implemented all the requirements related to meeting the benchmarks. In that regard, he presented the Government’s key activities and priorities for 2017, which will create space for making progress and good results in the EU accession process. Therefore, Montenegro will conduct an intensive process related to temporarily closing the negotiation chapters, Minister Pejović pointed out.

    The two officials agreed that even though the EU is facing numerous internal and external challenges, it remains present at the Western Balkans and committed to integration of the whole region into the European family of states and nations. They particularly emphasised Montenegro’s role in preserving and cherishing good neighbourhood relations and regional stability, as well as support the country provides to its neighbours in pursuing the EU path.

    Source: Government of Montenegro