Ministry of Defence’s press release regarding claims published by IN4S portal

    Podgorica, Montenegro (25 January 2015) – Portal IN4S published yesterday on its web site the alleged copy of a document originating from the Mission of Montenegro to NATO in Brussels, namely the military-defence department of the Mission.
    The Ministry of Defence of Montenegro is informing the Montenegrin and international public that this document is a forgery and represents a fabrication of the facts, content, signature, and the stamp of the Mission of Montenegro to NATO’s military-defence department.
    Having in mind Montenegro’s prospective membership in NATO, this and acts of similar nature should not be a surprise for the Montenegrin and international public.
    The Ministry of Defence and the relevant authorities of the Government of Montenegro, along with the services of the partner states and NATO, will continue paying close attention to this kind of destructive activities directed against Montenegro. The Ministry will also timely inform the public about any measures and outcomes regarding these activities.

    Source: Government of Montenegro