Montenegrin citizen Safet Kalić arrested on money laundering charges

    Podgorica, Montenegro (20 October 2014) — Montenegrin citizen Safet Kalić was arrested on an international warrant issued by NCB Interpol Podgorica in 2011, upon the request of the state authorities of Montenegro.
    Safet Kalić was arrested in a European country, as a result of intensified and long-lasting cooperation between Montenegro’s Police Authority and police authorities from various countries.
    He is suspected to have run a large money-laundering scheme in the period 2006-2011 by taking up loans in Montenegrin commercial banks and paying them back with illegal money, attempting to create an impression of money’s legal origin.
    On the occasion of the successfully conducted operation, the press conference is scheduled for tomorrow. About the exact time and place, the public will be informed soon.

    Source: Government of Montenegro