Montenegrin miners memorial unveiled in Argentina

    Argentina, Cerro de Leones (5 October 2015) – A memorial honouring Montenegrin miners who had worked in stone pits of Tundil was unveiled yesterday in the city of Tundil, about 400 kilometres away from the capital city of Argentine.

    The unveiling ceremony, which took place in Cerro de Leones, known as a place where more than 100 families from Montenegro lived during the last century, was sponsored by the municipality of Tundil, Montenegrin community in Tundil and the Embassy of Montenegro in Argentine.

    Montenegrin immigrants first came to Tundil in 1890, where they founded the Montenergin Society of Mutual Support in 1909.

    The ceremony was attended by Major of Tundil Migel Lunghi, Ambassador of Montenegro to Argentine Gordan Stojović, President of the Montenegrin community in Tundil Karina Orahovac-Ilić, President of the Montenegrin community in Buenos Aires Emilio Ognenovich and Honorary Consul of Montenegro in the Buenos Aires Province Huan Carlos Lakovich. The officials unveiled the memorial with a symbolic inscription saying: “In honour of Montenegrin people who worked in stone pits and made contribution to development of Tundil.”

    The ceremony was attended by more than 200 guests and lots of immigrants coming from Tress Arollos, La plata and Berazategui.

    Source: Government of Montenegro