Montenegrin students and civil engineers to be engaged in Bar-Boljare highway construction

    Podgorica, Montenegro (19 June 2015) — Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Ivan Brajović hosted earlier today Director of the CRBC Montenegro Gaomi Liang and Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Milos Knežević for talks on possibilities to engage Montenegro’s students and civil engineers in the construction of the priority section of the Bar – Boljare highway.

    Minister Brajović said that it is of particular significance for Montenegrin students to gain practical knowledge and skills participating in the project. A number of civil engineers will be engaged, which will be an opportunity for their professional development as well, he added.

    President CRBC Montenegro Gao Liang pointed out that his company wishes to establish good relations with state institutions and citizens of Montenegro, thus enabling them to be engaged in certain activities and projects planned for the future. He pointed out that the CRBC is a socially responsible company which was shown one again in practice.

    Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Milos Knežević voiced satisfaction with the proposed cooperation and the opportunity for engaging students and engineers in such a large and vital project for Montenegro. He stated that this is an excellent opportunity for young people to acquire skill in the field where practice is essential.

    The meeting highlighted that rapid and extensive field work and recruitment of new workers from Montenegro are expected soon.

    Source: Government of Montenegro