Montenegro and Malta to establish cooperation in energy, tourism, agriculture, PMs Đukanović and Muscat note


    Podgorica, Montenegro (11 January 2015) — Prime Minister Milo Đukanović met earlier today in Podgorica wiith his Maltese counterpart Joseph Muscat. Following their meeting, Minister of Economy of Montenegro Vladimir Kavarić and Minister for Energy and Conservation of Water of Malta Konrad Mizzi signed a declaration on economic and technical cooperation between the two governments.

    The Maltese investment in the Možura wind farm is a first step towards possible cooperation in the field of energy, Prime Minister Milo Đukanović told the press, adding he is convinced that the project will be implemented within the stipulated time frame.

    “This is an investment worth more than EUR 80 million and it means the use of new energy sources and boosting of Montenegro’s production capacities in the field of energy,” PM Đukaonović noted following his meeting with Mr Muscat.

    He said that during the meeting with the delegation of Malta he heard many ideas that can be useful in terms of transferring positive experiences of Malta when it comes to economic development and pro-European development.

    “Malta has achieved its objective in the field of European integration. On the other hand, the opening of very complicated chapters related to agriculture, fisheries and environmental protection is ahead of Montenegro,” PM Đukanović underlined, adding that Malta’s solutions can be very useful for Montenegro, at least to avoid wandering around and repeating mistakes.

    The two heads of government also discussed cooperation in the field of tourism, agriculture, science, sports, protection of human and minority rights. PM Đukanović emphasised possible cooperation in developing human capacities of Montenegro tourism offer, which are necessary in order to accomplish the goal of Montenegro becoming an elite tourism destination.

    “Prime Minister Muscat offered Montenegro to become a beneficiary of the Maltese good experience and internationalisation of their educational facilities when it comes to tourism development,” the Montenegrin Prime Minister concluded.

    “Malta views Montenegro as a complementary country when it comes to investment and other issues, and not as a competitor. We agreed that we can achieve much better results if we work together and use each other complementaries rather than try to fight for the same piece of market,” Prime Minister Joseph Muscat told the press in Podgorica.

    He noted that his delegation will visit the site of the Možura wind power plant, the Maltese first foreign investment in many years.

    “We chose Montenegro because we saw potential here. We are investing money, but we are also investing credibility. We have chosen Montenegro over other options and possibilities, and I do welcome your government’s intention to make sure that the bureaucracy is facilitated and all the necessary agreements concluded on time. From our side, we assure you that the project we will be carrying out and which will provide Montenegro with 3% of its energy needs will be done on budget and on time,” Prime Minister Muscat explained.

    He added it will be the first major renewable energy project in Montenegro, which will make a contribution to reaching global targets when it comes to emission reduction.

    Source: Government of Montenegro