Montenegro Cabinet’s session

    Podgorica, Montenegro (24 July 2015) – In order to continue implementing financial consolidation and cutting of public spending, at yesterday’s sitting, the Government of Montenegro discussed and accepted the Information on the current situation in public finance at the local level. Having in mind several financial issues, the Cabinet decided to allow municipalities to sign agreements on issuing state guarantees for loans aimed at refinancing debts to the financial institutions, social programmes implementation and debt settlement to the suppliers and employees. In that regard, the Government tasked the Ministry of Finance to define the issuance of state guarantees amounting to EUR 70 million for the municipalities under the Draft Budget Law for 2016.

    The meeting particularly emphasised the municipalities’ obligation to make an agreement with the Ministry of Finance on guaranteeing their long-term financial sustainability. This Government’s decision also includes human resources rationalisation and represents a unique system for resolving financial issues at the local level.

    Considering the University of Montenegro’s suggestions, the Government issued a decision on the number of students which will be financed from the budget for their enrolment at the specialist degree for academic 2015 – 2016. The decision also determined a number of self – funded students within all current University’s units. The overall number of students financed from the Budget will be raised by 42 and the number of self – funded students will be reduced by 244. The University made the decision upon the analysis of supply and demand for particular qualifications at the labour market, data of the Employment Agency of Montenegro and recommendations from the Report on extern evaluation.

    The meeting also adopted a decision on the appointment of Dejan Peruničić as Director of the National Security Agency and appointed the Open Government Partnership national team under new name.

    Source: Government of Montenegro