Montenegro Cabinet’s session

    Podgorica, Montenegro (4 September 2015) – At yesterday’s meeting, the Montenegrin Cabinet adopted an annex to the European Commission’s Progress Report on Montenegro for the period from 1 April to 1 September 2015. The Cabinet noted that the progress achieved in implementing activities is visible, stressing that 116 out of 133 requirements have been implemented.

    As to harmonising Montenegro’s legislation with the EU acquis communaitaire, the Government approved the Bill on Wine and Bill amending the Law on Olive Growing and Olive Oil Production.

    The Bill on Wine regulates the issues related to the production and trade of wine, grapes and grape products, conducting data basis in the wine industry, quality control, labelling, monitoring and penalty provisions. According to the Government, the law creates a solid basis for ensuring efficient market functioning and fair competition, preserving trust and protecting consumers’ interest.

    The Bill amending the Law on olive growing and olive oil production will define categories of olive oil in accordance with the existing EU standards. The amendments are also aimed at boosting production of olive oil of higher quality on the Montenegrin market, as well as making this agricultural branch more competitive and protecting consumers at the same time.

    The Government also adopted the Action plan for implementing requirements in the field of the EU cohesion policy.

    The yesterday’ meeting discussed the construction of small wind power plants and the Government adopted the Assignement Agreement on lease and construction of the Možur power plant signed with the company “Enemalta” from Malta. Unlike the previous supplier, the consortium “Felsa and Čelebić”, the new one has meet all the requirements prescribed by the tender documentation for selecting investors for the construction of the wind power plants and lease of the Možur land in 2009.

    Regarding the information delivered by Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Ivan Brajović on current situation in the Adriatic Shipyard Bijela, the Government issued a conclusion to transfer the funds collected by the shipyards’ sale to the implementation of the social programme, but after the creditors are refunded the damage caused by forced shutdown and unnecessary delay in repairing ships.

    The Government also removed Aleksandar Tičić, Advisor to the Prime Minister for entrepreneurship and foreign investments, from office, upon his personal request. In his letter to the Prime Minister, Mr Tičić stated the preliminary court proceedings of proving his innocence is underway, and that he does not want to cause any damage to the functioning of the Government and the Prime Minister himself.

    Source: Government of Montenegro