Montenegro Cabinet’s session

    Podgorica, Montenegro (11 September 2015) – At yesterday’s sitting, the Montenegro Cabinet approved the bills on the ratification of the state border agreements between Montenegro and Kosovo, and between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Underlining the historical importance of these documents, the Government concluded that reaching the agreements is the best confirmation of the policy of regional cooperation and stability to which Montenegro is fully committed. The agreements, which are to regulate one of the most significant bilateral issues, at the same time respecting the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Montenegro, will pass a clear message that the countries of the Western Balkans can independently resolve out-standing issues. The ratification of these laws will make a significant contribution to the full implementation of bilateral agreements and more efficient fight against all forms of cross-border crime.

    Considering the Deputy Prime Minister’s information on current migration issues, the Government concluded that Montenegro is not heavily exposed to the current migration flows. Competent departments are monitoring developments in the region and undertaking all necessary measures for the effective state response to a possible influx of migrants, if the routes of their movement shifted to the Montenegrin border. The government also adopted a conclusion on setting up an expert team for preparing a plan of managing migratory waves.

    The Cabinet also adopted the Health Care System Development Master Plan for the period 2015-2020 in order to provide systemic improvements with the ultimate aim of advancing the level of health services, and thus the quality of life of all citizens. The session also reiterated the government’s commitment that the health care system must ensure accessible, integrated and quality health care, development and strengthening of human resources in the health care system, sustainability of financing and placing the citizen at the center of the system.

    Within the European agenda, the Government adopted the Strategy for the transposition and implementation of the EU acquis for the Chapter 12 – Food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy, as well as the Montenegro Agriculture and Rural Development Programme under IPARD II 2014-2020.

    With a view to implementing the Law on Budget, the Cabinet passed the Decision on amending the Decision on borrowing and issuing guarantees for 2015 which changed the height of guarantees issued from the existing EUR 101.6 to 208.6 milion. This is due to the need for the release of the municipalities guarantee for loan arrangements that would allow the settlement of obligations and outstanding debts, refinancing of existing credit obligations and rationalisation of local government.

    Source: Government of Montenegro