Montenegro Cabinet’s session

    Podgorica, Montenegro (29 January 2016) – At the session of the Government held earlier today, Prime Minister Milo Đukanović thanked the Cabinet members for their excellent performance in the Parliament during a three-days debate on a vote of confidence to the Government. The Prime Minister said that the intention to overthrow the government opposes the idea of real consideration of its results, adding that this experience has confirmed that the Government should continue exercising its rights and fulfiling commitments responsibly, which is the best defence and affirmation of the Government’s policy. In that regard, he stressed that the discussion having been made in the Parliament shows that unfounded criticism, manipulation and misinformation should always face arguments and facts, thus promoting the value of the Government’s work and a new phase of political and social life Montenegro is entering.

    In line with the Law on Budget and Fiscal Responsibility and 2016 Budget Law, the Government endorsed the Decision on borrowing and issuing guarantees of Montenegro for this year.

    The decision prescribes for the conclusion of loan arrangements to finance several planned projects, amounting up to EUR 92 million. By the same token, the Government may borrow EUR 688 million for debt service and repayment of liabilities from the previous period, financing the construction of the priority sections of the highway, financing the rest of the budget deficit, as well as for the settlement of liabilities of the Health-care Insurance Fund of Montenegro and public health institutions. It also stipulates that the government will issue guarantees in 2016, with the obligation of providing collateral for the loans for the implementation of projects of electricity infrastructure construction on the Luštica peninsula, totalling to EUR 20 million, as well as for the reconstruction and improvement of the railway infrastructure, up to EUR 6 million.

    The session adopted the report on the implementation of the treaties governing the relations of mutual interest between the Government of Montenegro and the Islamic community in Montenegro, and the Jewish community in Montenegro.

    At the end of the session, Prime Minister Đukanović informed the Cabinet members that the Minister of the Interior informed him that, due to the new realities in the Parliament, he expects the procedure of his dismissal to be initiated. In that regard, the Prime Minister informed the Cabinet that he certainly intends to launch the procedure.

    Source: Government of Montenegro