Montenegro Cabinet’s session

    Podgorica, Montenegro (19 February 2016) — At today’s session, the Montenegrin Cabinet tasked Deputy Prime Minister Duško Marković to manage the work of the Ministry of the Interior until the new ministry is appointed. The decision came after the Parliament had relieved Raško Konjević of the duty of interior minister.

    The Cabinet also adopted the long-term defence development plan 2016 – 2025, which is a high-priority objective of the partnership with NATO.

    The document defines the long-term development objectives, the implementation of which will reach the desired effectiveness in terms of improving the defence resources management, military capabilities, training, doctrine, command and organisation of the Armed Forces.

    The Ministry of Defence will be devoted to strengthening international defence cooperation in order to achieve defence goals and integration into NATO and the EU, providing a legislative framework for the development of the defence system, establishing adequate defence resources, strengthening the intelligence and security sectors and building integrity and strengthening responsibility.

    Source: Government of Montenegro