Montenegro introduces engagement in foreign military formations into crimnal law

    Podgorica, Montenegro (20 November 2014) — At today’s meeting, Montenegro’s Cabinet approved the Bill amending the Criminal Code of Montenegro by introducing a new criminal offence – engagement in foreign military formations into the part related to the crimes against humanity and other values under the protection of the international law.

    The new criminal act targets every person who, contrary to the law, other regulations, rules of international law, recruits, prepares, organises, manages, transports or arranges transport of individuals or group of individuals with the purpose of engaging them in foreign military formations operating outside of Montenegro, will be sentenced to 2-10 years in prison.

    This law creates a normative framework which will help the Montenegrin authorities deal with the issue of the Montenegrin citizens’ engagement in foreign military formations more efficiently. According to the bill, the engagement and involvement of Montenegro’s citizens or foreigners with permanent residency status in Montenegro in foreign military formations is also subject to the sentence.

    Following the UN’s Resolution 2178 (2014), the bill also criminalise persons who offer, provide, seek or conceal funds, tangible assets and equipment aimed at committing this kind of crime. As a result, the UN’s Resolution 2178 (2014) on foreign fighters/mercenaries will be implemented more efficiently, Ms Lakočević concluded.

    Source: Government of Montenegro