Montenegro seeks to boost ties with diaspora

    Podgorica, Montenegro (20 November 2014) – Montenegro’s cabinet at today’s session approved the Bill on Montenegro’s Cooperation with Emigrants regulating the manner of exercising and strengthening the collaboration, protection of emigrants’ rights and interests, measures and benefits upon their return to Montenegro, as well as other issues of significance.

    Establishing links, relations and cooperation with emigrants is an inseparable part of national development, as well as of the process of regional, European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro, Vladimir Radulović of the Foreign Affairs Ministry told the press conference.

    Over the last 5-year period, he explained, the issue has been raised to the highest level of national interest and importance. In addition, there are findings and comparative practice and experience in similar highly migratory countriessaying that good management and coordination of emigrants’ potential is an essential factor in the overall social and economic development of a country.

    Adopting the piece of legislation is the first step towards establishing and implementing a new policy, which should result in boosting cultural, educational, economic, sports and other ties with the native country, as well as in promoting multi-ethnicity and reinforcing civil and national identity of Montenegro, Mr Radulović underscored earlier today.

    Montenegro has been recognised as one of the highly migratory Mediterranean countries. Its emigrant communities are present in almost all parts of the world, namely in the neighbouring countries, highly developed countries of Europe, North and South America, as well as Australia and South Africa.

    Source: Government of Montenegro