Montenegro sends assistance to flood-stricken Albania, prepares humantarian aid for Macedonia

    Podgorica, Montenegro (15 February 2015) — Montenegro sent aid worth a total of EUR 50,000 to Albania on Saturday to help it deal with floods that have been affecting the country, while the aid having been collected for flood-stricken areas in Macedonia awaits further coordination of competent authorities of the two countries.

    Pursuant to the request made by Albania, Montenegro’s institutions allocated 1,300 blankets, 300 raincoats, 15 tents (for 5 persons), 200 pairs of rubber boots, 200 kitchen sets (x5) and 1,000 mats.

    The process of sending the aid was coordinated by the Directorate for Emergency Situations of Montenegro’s Ministry of the Interior, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

    Directorate for Emergency Situations offered assistance to Macedonia on 13 February 2015, based on the Agreement on cooperation in case of natural and other disasters, which was signed in Podgorica on 25 December 2008. The offer includes 200 blankets, 200 raincoats, 200 pairs of boots, 200 kitchen sets (x5) and 1000 mats.

    Macedonian Protection and Rescue Directorate informed competent authorities in Montenegro that at the moment there is no need to send humanitarian aid to the population affected by the floods.

    Source: Government of Montenegro