Montenegro’s Cabinet approves Lobbying Bill

    Podgorica, Montenegro (23 October 2014) — At today’s session, the Government of Montenegro has approved the Lobbying Bill aimed at establishing limits, rules and sanctions for violating the lobbying rules.

    The need for adopting the new piece of legislation is based on various reasons related to domestic and international legislation, Director of the Directorate for Anti-Corruption Initiative Vesna Ratković told the press conference following the Cabinet meeting.

    She added that the harmonisation of certain norms of this bill, as well as harmonisation of the law with other positive regulations, is crucial for the national legislation, concerning the fact that the Lobbying Law will have impact on other laws related to the fight against corruption. On the other hand, aligning this law with the best international practices and standards will create space for reaching the best normative solutions aimed at preventing illicit influence during the process of adopting regulations and acts. In that regard, the institutions will fight against corruption more efficiently and their work will be more transparent.

    She stated that solutions prescribed by the bill are aimed at improving the process of harmonising domestic legislation and secondary EU laws which define lobbying in a manner that makes legal provisions and procedures more applicable.

    The Lobbying Law represents a new institute in the Montenegrin legal system and will serve as a legitimate and desirable form of influence in decision-making process.

    Lobbying activities are business oriented and also take prominent role in the EU institutions, particularly when it comes to political decision-making, even in the accession process of candidate countries, Ms Ratković concluded.

    Source: Government of Montenegro