Montenegro’s Cabinet meeting

    Podgorica, Montenegro (27 February 2015) – At yesterday’s session, Montenegro’s Cabinet approved the Report on the Implementation of the Fifth Annual National Programme (ANP) in the period of intensified and focused dialogue with NATO. The Government concluded that the programme is being implemented according to plan and that Montenegro successfully and in timely manner fulfills the requirements within the final stage of its accession to NATO. Montenegro will continue implementing the key priorities in order to, until the end of the MAP cycle, fully implement its commitments and confirm willingness to be successful, dedicated and credible members of the Alliance.

    The government also adopted the second semi-annual report on the activities in the process of Montenegro’s integration into the EU for the period July – December 2014. During the reporting period, through intensive dialogue with European partners, specific activities to be undertaken were defined with the purpose of faster progress towards EU membership, primarily through the adaptation of the Action Plans for Chapters 23 and 24, as well as chapters of key importance for the overall success of the negotiation process. The focus is on strengthening institutions for effective achievements of the objectives and tasks from the European agenda, with emphasis on the implementation of adopted legislation in the field of justice and creating conditions for further economic growth.

    Within the process of harmonisation of national legislation with that of the EU, the Government approved the Bill Amending the Law on Livestock Farming and the Bill Amending the Law on Animal Welfare Protection. The adoption of these laws is a condition for meeting benchmarks for opening negotiations on the Chapter 12 – Food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy.

    Furthermore, the session considered the Framework Agreement between the Government and the European Commission on the rules for the implementation of EU financial assistance under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) for the period 2014 – 2020. The framework agreement serves as the basis for using the funds available through the IPA programmes and it refers to the entire seven-year period and all five policy areas.

    Considering the Information of the Ministry of Health on the reasons for emergency procurement of missing quantities of drugs, as requested by Montefarm Montenegro, the Government gave approval for immediate procurement of medicines in accordance with the attached specification in the amount of EUR 1.502.607, in line with the Law on Public Procurement.

    The Cabinet verified the conclusions of the Government’s session of 25 February 2015, which fortifies the amendment to the Bill on State Prosecutor and withdraws from the parliamentary procedure the Bill on the selection, use and public display of national symbols.

    Source: Government of Montenegro