Montenegro’s Cabinet meeting

    Podgorica, Montenegro (31 July 2015) – At yesterday’s session, the Montenegrin Cabinet concluded that the ongoing summer season is going beyond the expectations, emphasising a record number of tourists who are visiting Montenegro. The Government also tasked the relevant state authorities to foster activities aimed at keeping the positive influx of tourists in the coming period, particularly when it comes to energy stability, electricity supply, regular customs procedures and respect for security criteria.

    Having in mind the activities within the intensified and focused dialogue with NATO, EU negotiation process and implementation of various development projects, the Government made a decision to maintain working activities of all the ministries during August and scheduled the next Cabinet meeting for 20 August.

    The Government also approved the Bill on Energy which creates preconditions for developing electricity and oil markets. The legal novelties, harmonised with EU directives, are aimed at improving business environment for investing in the construction of energy facilities. In order to provide electricity supply to the customers in a more efficient and safer manner, the bill prescribes conditions for conducting energy activities and their effective implementation.

    The Cabinet adopted the Bill on cross border trade in electricity and natural gas enabling the state’s market integration within the EU’s single electricity and gas market.

    When it comes to the health care system, the Government approved the Bill on Health Insurance in order to maintain the sustainability of health care system and equal access to health care for all the citizens of Montenegro, with a particular emphasis on socially vulnerable people.

    The Government approved Thursday amendments to the Law on the recognition and evaluation of foreign educational documents aimed at simplifying the procedures enabling access to the education system and labour market, as well as greater mobility of workforce.

    Speaking of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the Cabinet approved the Bill on Religious Freedom, with a particular emphasis on defining the status of religious and other communities. The bill has been drafted in the spirit of the Montenegrin tradition of respect for diversity, tolerance and harmony, and in line with European and international standards. When it comes to relation with religious communities, the Government stated that Montenegro has signed agreements with the Holy See, Jewish Community in Montenegro and Islamic Community in Montenegro, while negotiations between the state and Orthodox churches are underway. The new piece of legislation will ensure better implementation of the agreements and set out standards for drafting new ones.

    Source: Government of Montenegro