Montenegro’s Cabinet session

    Podgorica, Montenegro (17 July 2015) – As part of the education system reform, the Government of Montenegro at yesterday’s sitting devoted particular attention to the issue of higher education reform and future organisation of the University of Montenegro. Starting from the fundamental importance of higher education for the overall socio-economic development, the Cabinet, in cooperation with the Council for Higher Education and the University, approached this issue in order to raise the quality and standards of education, in line with the public interest and needs of the labour market. Based on a detailed analysis of the current situation, the government tasked the Ministry of Education to define concrete solutions related to the reorganisation, integration and funding of the University, as Montenegro’s key educational institutions.

    Continuing the implementation of the policy of financial consolidation and rationalisation of public spending, the government considered and adopted the Information on refinancing the existing debts of the municipality of Nikšić to commercial banks, and resolving the issue of decreasing the number of employees in government departments and local governments, as well as in public institutions, companies and public companies founded by the municipality. Emphasing it is a very responsible approach in the spirit of recommendations for cutting public spending, the Government approved a loan arragement for refinancing the municipality’s debt amounting to EUR 5.5 million, with a lower interest rate, which will significantly reduce the cost of financing. In order to cut spending, the municipality of Nikšić is planning to use the amount of one million euros for amicable termination of employment for about 100 employees, along with severance pay, which will provide savings in gross earnings in the monthly amount of approximately EUR 73,500. The discussion has particularly highlighted the fact that the credit arrangement does not require the state’s guarantee.

    Within the process of harmonisation of national legislation with that of the EU, the Cabinet approved the Bill Amending the Law on Forest Reproductive Material, which adoption will fulfill one of the obligations necessary for the opening of the negotiations on Chapter 12 – Food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy.

    Source: Government of Montenegro