Montenegro’s Cabinet session

    Podgorica, Montenegro (10 December 2015) – At yesterday’s session, the Montenegrin Cabinet adopted the Draft Strategy for Protection from Domestic Violence 2016-2020. In accordance with the identified challenges, the Strategy defines measures aimed at harmonising national legislation with the relevant conventions of the Council of Europe, improving administrative capacities and multidisciplinary approach to enforcing regulations, increasing public awareness about this type of violence, improving institutional protection and more efficient access to justice and legal protection from domestic violence.

    The Cabinet also adopted the Strategy for combating violent extremism 2016-2018, which is an integral part of the Government’s activities aimed at contributing to the global fight against terrorism, regardless of its form and manifestation. It was also noted that combating violent extremism and radicalisation that lead to terrorism requires a comprehensive and well-coordinated response by the state, which includes the effective response of the criminal justice system, respecting human rights, and undertaking preventive actions through observation and monitoring opportunities conducive to violent extremism, and therefore terrorism.

    The yesterday’s session approved the Bill on Coastal Zone. The aim of the proposed solutions is to improve the coastal zone, its valorisation, use, and sustainable development, as well as to provide free access to the coast, beaches and swimming areas.

    In order to comply with EU legislation, the Government approved the Bill Amending the Law on Waste Management. The proposed law is the basis for the adoption of other acts and full harmonisation of this area with the European directives governing the standards for the collection, processing and removal of waste, extended producer responsibility, the hierarchy of treatment in waste treatment and waste management funding obligations in terms of “waste producer pays”.

    The Government also adopted the Decision on determining the location for the “Capital Estate” hotel resort in Bečići. The planned investment in the construction of this exclusive luxury hotel complex with total area of 65,000 m² amounts to approx. EUR 70 million and will employ over 400 workers.

    Environmental Monitoring Programme of Montenegro for 2016, which implementation should provide a clear insight into the changes in the quality and quantity of the environment, polluting emissions and use of natural resources, was also adopted.

    The Montenegrin Cabinet discussed yesterday the Action Plan for the reorganisation of the University of Montenegro, which was prepared by the Collegium of University Rectors. The Action Plan, among other things, identifies activities that lead to a different model or structure of study programmes harmonised with the Bologna Declaration and labour market needs, with special emphasis on improving the quality of studies.

    Source: Government of Montenegro