Montenegro’s Cabinet session

    Podgorica, Montenegro (25 February 2016) — At today’s session, the Government of Montenegro adopted the Information on the work of the Anti-Discrimination Council for 2015.

    DPM Marković pointed out that the Council had an obligation to encourage the Government and its institutions not only to design, but also to enhance policies in this area at strategic, political, legislative and operational levels. The Council played an important role in the process. Nowadays, there is a fully rounded legislative framework when it comes to basic human rights. Institutions dealing with these issues have been established, and quality monitoring at national and international levels have been provided, so that further existence of the Council would lead to overlapping jurisdiction that is not productive.

    In the meantime, given that the necessary legal framework that allows smooth implementation of policies and activities in the field of human rights and protection from discrimination has been established, given that the mandate of part of the Council’s members has been expired, and that a significant part of obligations of the Council falls under the scope of the Council for the Rule of Law, the Cabinet concluded that the conditions have been created for the Anti-Discrimination Council to cease to exist.

    Source: Government of Montenegro