Montenegro’s Cabinet Session

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    Montenegro’s Cabinet held its 158th session… Montenegro

    Podgorica, Montenegro (18 May 2016) – The Government of Montenegro confirmed the Draft Law amending the Law on Hydrocarbons. The applicable law stipulates the obligation of determining and submitting the Draft Law on the Fund for hydrocarbons to the Parliament of Montenegro until 31 December 2014. Given the fact that the prescribed deadline does not match the complexity and difficulty of matter that is regulated by law, it is suggested that the Government establish a Fund for hydrocarbons by special act, no later than 31 December 2017. Also, the founding act of the Fund will determinate the status and responsibilities of the Fund, methods of work, the rules of using revenue from hydrocarbons and other issues relevant to the work of the Fund.

    The Government adopted the Draft Law amending Act on designations of origin, geographical indications and designations of guaranteed traditional specialties for agricultural products and foodstuffs. Changes are related to compliance with the new Law on Administrative Procedure.

    As part of the implementation of the new Law on Health Care, the Government adopted the Decision on the network of health care institutions. The main objective of the Decision is more efficient provision of health care and the smooth implementation of reforms at all levels of health care, improving and ensuring the health of citizens, with construction of sustainable and integrated health care system based on the principles of solidarity, equity, access to quality, the system that gives central place to the needs of the citizens.

    The Government adopted Information on the ease of the procedure of issuing visas to a group of citizens of the People’s Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Iran. In accordance with the Law on Foreigners, the competent ministry is authorised to apply ease in the procedure of issuing visas to a group of citizens of these countries, which means that short-stay visas are issued to a group of travelers which is formed before the decision is made, if the members of this group enter the territory of Montenegro together, stay in it and leave the territory as a group. Validity of a visa cannot be longer than 30 days.

    The Government adopted Information on long-term borrowing of Plav Municipality in order to implement the activities on the implementation of the rehabilitation plan for overcoming financial difficulties, in the amount of EUR 1,200,000.00 and gave approval to the Municipality to start activities on the implementation of the rehabilitation plan.

    The Government adopted Decision on the adoption of the Detailed Spatial Plan for the power plant Pljevlja. The plan defined model of space utilization and optimal deployment of activities and facilities within the complex of power plant Pljevlja, in compliance with ecological, economic, technical, technological, physical and functional criteria. Also, the Government determined the terms and conditions for the construction, operation and maintenance of facilities in the complex of power plant Pljevlja in some locations, as well as the integration of this infrastructure complex in a single system.

    Source: Government of Montenegro