Montenegro’s Cabinet session

    Podgorica, Montenegro (12 February 2015) – At today’s session, the Montenegrin Cabinet approved the Bill Amending the Law on Planting Material and the Law on Agricultural Plant Seeds Material. The amendments are aimed at specifying certain provisions relating to the harmonisation of definitions, concepts and procedures, as well as at creating a legal basis for the transfer of the latest EU regulations in these areas. The Government concluded that the proposed amendments are a step towards fulfilling Montenegro’s obligation in the EU negotiation process.

    The Government also adopted the Bill Amending the Law on Election of Councillors and MPs and the Law on Electoral Rolls. The Bill Amending the Law on Election of Councillors and MPs stipulates that the Ministry of the Interior sends information to voters via SMS message regarding the exercise of their voting rights. The proposed solution is rational in relation to the existing one and enables the budget savings. It is also a modern and faster way for voters to get the necessary information. The amendments to the Bill on Electoral Rolls will specify certain standards and ensure their practical implementation in developing application solutions of keeping the electoral rolls. These amendments are technical and do not address the basic concept of the law.

    The Government of Montenegro adopted the Privatisation Plan for 2015, which sets out the main objectives, methods and principles of privatisation, as well as the list of companies and percentage of share capital for privatisation. The session emphasised that the main objectives of the privatisation is to increase competition and efficiency of companies, encourage foreign investment and entrepreneurship in all areas, create new job and improve the living standard of citizens.

    The today’s session adopted the Programme of Environmental Monitoring of Montenegro for 2015. Environmental monitoring implies systematic measurement and testing of parameters, as well as evaluation of indicators of environmental pollution. Available data from metering places on the state of the environment provide clear insight into the changes in the quality and quantity of environment, emissions of pollutants and use of natural resources.

    Furthermore, the Cabinet considered and adopted the Information on the conditions and manner of use of the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development’s proceeds and it gave consent to the Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro to conclude a loan agreement intended for the development of agriculture in Montenegro. Minister of Agriculture Petar Ivanović will lead Montenegro’s delegation on its working visit to Abu Dhabi, the cabinet concluded.

    Considering the information on the floods that have recently hit Albania and Macedonia, the Government tasked relevant ministries to provide in-kind donations of goods, based on the characteristics of the countries affected by the natural disaster.

    The Cabinet did not accept the amendments made by MPs regarding the Bill Amending the Law on the National Security Agency.

    Source: Government of Montenegro