Montenegro’s Cabinet session

    Podgorica, Montenegro (14 May 2015) – At today’s sitting, Montenegro’s Cabinet considered and approved the information on the implementation of the Law on Foreigners, pledging its full commitment to the policy defined by the Law, and accepted the proposal saying that the application of certain legal provisions regulating the employment of foreigners will be postponed until 1 November 2015. Government decided to accept a compromise solution in order to aggravate the current difficult situation stemming from employers untimely preparation in the realization of the tourist season, which is conditioned by external reasons. After that period the law is to be applied consistently and comprehensively, the meeting concluded. Bearing in mind that the specific legal solutions are based on objective situation in the labour market, the Government tasked relevant departments to motivate employers to contribute actively to the preparation of the national labour force, in order to prevent problems in the coming period and achieve the full effects in pursuing the established policy.

    The Government of Montenegro also considered and adopted the Information on the status of the Port of Kotor and reached a conclusion which enables smooth operation of the Port of Kotor in the period after the expiry of the Use of Marine Resources Agreement. The debate highlighted that although the Port of Kotor was obliged to establish a contractual relationship with the Port Authority as a regulator, the management did not take any action to fulfil its legal obligations. Starting from the fact that the Use of Marine Resources Agreement expires on 17 May 2015, the need arose for a temporary legal regulation of the status of the Port of Kotor until the completion of the procedures concerning the award of the concession according to the Law on Ports. The government has adopted the conclusion to temporarily cede for use Port of Kotor part of the coastal zone in Kotor for a period of 120 days, starting from 18 May 2015, that is, until the completion of procedures for the award of the concession. In making this decision, the Government was guided by the importance of Kotor for the tourist offer in this season, as the absence of legal business activities of the Port of Kotor receiving and servicing of ships and yachts would be impossible and it particularly emphasised the issue of safety and security of navigation and the ships’ stay in the port.

    Montenegro’s Cabinet adopted today the Decision amending the Decision on establishing Commission for monitoring actions of competent authorities in investigating cases of threats and violence against journalists, assassinations o of journalists and attacks on media property, which appoints new members of the National Security Agency and the Police Directorate due to retirement, or termination of office of current members. During the discussion it was noted that the government will not change its policy in relation to the media, but it clearly indicates that they will not accept abuse of the Commission to which the mandate had already been extended and which cannot be a substitute for state institutions.

    Source: Government of Montenegro