Montenegro’s police arrest 3 foreign nationals on international weapon smuggling charge

    Podgorica, Montenegro (18 December 2014) – Montenegro’s police, in cooperation with the US Drug Enforecement Administration (DEA) and Romanian police, arrested on an international warrant issued by the NCB Interpol Washington three persons for weapon smuggling.

    The arrested persons are:
    -Christian Vintila, 44, national of Romania,
    -Virgil Flaviou Georgescu, 42, national of Romania, and
    -Massimo Romagnoli, 43, national of Italy.

    US District Court – Southern District of New York accused the three persons of running a criminal organisation in order to sell large quantities of military weapons to a foreign terrorist organisation named the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) for the purpose of committing criminal acts of murders at the expense of American citizens in Colombia.

    As stated in the NCB Interpol Washington’s international warrant, issued on the basis of the indictment filed by the US District Court – Southern District OF New York, the said persons created, in the period from May to October 2014, a criminal organisation in order to sell weapons, including machine guns and anti-aircraft guns, knowing the weapons will be used by the FARC terrorist organisation against the United States, that is, for the purpose of killing the US nationals and shooting down American aircrafts.

    Successful implementation of the international police action, which took several months, testifies to the fact that the Montenegro Police Authority has established professional and efficient international police cooperation, and that it makes a significant contribution to the identification and elimination of the most serious acts of international crime.

    Source: Government of Montenegro