Montenegro’s police establishes special department for fighting organised crime

    Podgorica, Montenegro (2 December 2014) – Along with the establishment of the Special State Prosecutor’s Office, the Police Authority of Montenegro will establish the Special Police Department for the fight against organised crime and conduct of complex investigations, which will act upon the instructions of the Special State Prosecutor’s Office, Minister of the Interior Raško Konjević stressed yesterday at the opening of the training for officers who would become part of the Special Investigation Team.

    Members of the team will have the opportunity to learn techniques and skills form the best American experts, Minister Konjević underlined, adding that the Ministry of the Interior will continue strengthening its own capacities and modernising technical equipment.

    The project, sponsored by the US Embassy, is aimed at strengthening capacities of Montenegro’s Police Authority in combating all types of crime with a particular emphasis on organised crime.

    Source: Government of Montenegro