Montenegro’s police: Person arrested in Germany is Ortodox, not linked to terrorism

    Podgorica, Montenegro (14 November 2015) — Regarding the allegations in the media concerning a person originating from Montenegro and his possible involvement in the terrorist attacks in France, the Police Authority of Montenegro wishes to inform the public about the following:

    The Police Authority of Montenegro received, through the NCB Interpol Podgorica, a letter by a liaison officer of the German police on 10 November 2015.

    The letter stated that a WW Golf V vehicle with the Podgorica license plates was stopped on 5 November during a regular traffic control, and that a person, 51, from Podgorica, was in the vehicle. On that occasion, a certain amount of weapons and ammunition were found inside the vehicle.

    Montenegro’s police were also informed that this case is being treated as an individual, and that the police of Germany do not link it to terrorism, violence and other forms of organised crime.

    The Montenegrin police found out that the said person, a 51-year old from Podgorica, is Orthodox, and unknown to the police as a perpetrator of serious crimes and violations of public order and peace.

    Therefore, the information available to us at the moment, obtained from the liaison officer of the German police, do not suggest this is a person related to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

    If our German colleagues provide us with different information or if any request for cooperation from our partner services is received, our officers will act upon them and take measures and actions within their jurisdiction. The Montenegrin police, in cooperation with the partnership agencies, will continue communication concerning this and all other cases requesting international police cooperation.

    Source: Government of Montenegro