NATO Foreign Ministers sign the Accession Protocol for Montenegro

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    NATO member states signed today the Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to the Alliance…

    Brussels, Belgium (19 May 2016) – NATO member states signed today the Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to the Alliance, which is, according to the NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, “beginning of a new secure chapter” in the Montenegrin history.

    Signing of the Protocol means that from now on, Montenegro will participate in all NATO meetings as an observer, or “Invitee”. At the press conference after the signing ceremony, SG Stoltenberg stated that Montenegro has already been contributing to NATO, EU, and UN operations, promoting regional cooperation in the Balkans and implementing major reforms.

    Stoltenberg also emphasised that the membership will give Montenegro the ability to help shape NATO policy and bring more stability and security to the region, and therefore promoting prosperity. He added that it will be a clear sign that NATO’s door remains open for partners that share and promote their values.

    “The road is not easy, and there is still work to do, but Montenegro is showing that it is possible.
    So I expect Montenegro to continue its reforms. And I expect we will soon see twenty-nine Allied flags flying outside of NATO headquarters. NATO membership will bring Montenegro into our unique family of nations – the most successful alliance in history,” the NATO Secretary-General explained.

    At the beginning of his speech, Prime Minister Milo Đukanović emphasised that today’s ceremony is symbolic for Montenegro, because this year the country marks the tenth anniversary of the restoration of independence, which means that on 21 May 2006 the country courageously and deliberately took the right way and today can be proud of the results. The Prime Minister said that in ten years Montenegro is near the membership in NATO and advancing towards the EU, and that it means that Montenegro has chosen a good way. He added that by signing the Protocol Montenegro’s job does not end.

    “We want a stable and developed country in the Euro-Atlantic community of nations. We want to progress our society which will give a chance to young people in particular. Integration processes are unstoppable and have no alternative. They are already the future that began and which we will follow. That is why we are fully committed to continuation of the reforms, especially in the field of the rule of law. We will continue the fight against corruption and organised crime. We will ensure majority support for Montenegro’s membership in NATO and continue to work on the reform of the defense sector,” PM Đukanović stated.

    Mr Đukanović noted that Montenegro’s nearly membership will affect the strengthening of stability in the region and beyond and that Montenegro’s neighbors will receive another friend in the Alliance, and NATO another promoter of its value at historically neglected Western Balkans.

    The next step is ratification of the Protocol. Prime Minister Đukanovićsaid that Montenegro would stand “shoulder to shoulder” with the other members of the Alliance and that he expects that the parliaments of the Member States will quickly complete the process of ratification.
    Once all Allies have ratified the Protocol, Montenegro will be invited to accede to the Washington Treaty and become the 29th member of the Alliance.

    Source: Government of Montenegro