Nato Membership Council: Montenegro to continue to fulfill membership requirements with same dynamics

    Podgorica, Montenegro (7 March 2016) — Montenegro’s Nato Membership Council, chaired by President of the Council and Prime Minister Milo Đukanović, discussed at its regular session held earlier today current and upcoming activities in the process of joining NATO.

    The Council confirmed that Montenegro successfully completed accession talks with NATO held on 15 – 16 February at NATO headquarters in Brussels, noting that the country will continue to fulfill the remaining obligations on the path towards membership with the same dynamics and in a responsible and efficient manner. In that regard, the meeting highlighted importance of further activities of the NATO Membership Council’s Communication Team and its plans to continue the communication campaign during 2016.

    It was reiterated that the public dialogue on the benefits of membership, as well as other necessary activities related to the process of Euro-Atlantic Integration, should be continued with the same intensity during 2016.


    Source: Government of Montenegro