NCB Interpol Paris informs NCB Interpol Podgorica they so far found no connection between Montenegrin citizen arrested in Germany and terror attacks in Paris

    NCB Interpol Paris informed earlier today NCB Interpol Podgorica that they did not so far find a connection between individual V. V., Montenegrin citizen of Orthodox Christian faith arrested in Germany on 5 November 2015, and the terror attacks that took place in Paris on 13 November 2015.

    We reiterate that the NCB Interpol Wiesbaden has on 14 November 2015 informes NCB Interpol Podgorica that they at that moment had no knowledge of whether V.V. had connections with the Paris attacks.

    The Police Authority will maintain communication with partner services abroad in relation to this case and all and any other cases requiring international police exchange, as well as undertake all the necessary measures and actvities in their remits in cases further requests are submitted.

    Source: Government of Montenegro