One and Only resort in Montenegro to be built by 2017, Azmont Investments’ respresentative announce

    Herceg Novi, Montenegro (11 September 2014) – All the conditions have been created for the Portonovi, the first One and Only resort in Europe, located in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro, to be built by 2017, representatives of the Azmont Investments noted at today’s press conference.

    Speaking of what has already been done in implementing the project, Executive Director of the Azmont Investments Server Birkan explained that during the preparatory phase several technical challenges have had to be handled. Given the fact the construction site is the former military barracks, the major issue of concern were unexploded mines in an area of 200 000 m2 (submarine and terrestrial part), which removal took almost 3 months. The terrain is now afe from any kind of dangerous objects, he stressed.

    Furthermore, Director Birkan added, there have been problems with geotechnical nature of the ground, which were successfully resolved. In the next few months, adequate measure will be undertaken to improve the soil in case of an earthquake.

    Backfilling activities have already started and the priority areas to be built are a world-class hotel, lower village and marina, as demand for these luxury complex has to be created, especially among high-yield guests, he stated.

    The aim of the Portonovi project is to involve Montenegrin companies, to boost their skills and competence, thus helping economic growth at local and national levels, and taking full adventage of the ambitious project. Cooperation with the Center for Underwater Demining can serve as an example of successful collaboration in carrying out the Portonovi project.

    All buildings on the constructions site, which are of historical significance, will be preserved, especially the Church of the Holy Week, in which coins from the time of the Roman Empire were discovered.

    “We are striving to build something with the soul, to try to understand people, peculiarities, country, architecture… We are trying to create something the best, not only in Montenegro, but in the world,” Executive Director Birkan pointed out.

    Metin Guvener, President of the Board of Directors of Azmont Investments, spoke about the need, given the strong competition in the world, to be extremely innovative and creative in implementing the project, to promote Montenegro and position it on the map of elite tourism destinations.

    He said a lot of work is being done on revising and enhancing the project, discovering needs and desires of guests, finding out ways to meet those needs and bring tourists to Montenegro.

    Also, in his words, there is a need to tell the story about Montenegro, its peculiarities, beauties and people, and to explain why Kezner International, the world’s leading entrepreneur and resort operator, chose Montenegro to build its One and Only resort.

    Azmont Investments, a Montenegrin subsidiary of Azerbaijan’s State Oil Company (SOCAR), will invest EUR 500 million in the construction of the first One & Only resorts in Europe and a super luxurious complex in Kumbor in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro.

    Government of Montenegro has concluded a long-term lease agreement of the former military site “Orjen Battalion” in Kumbor for a period of 90 years with SOCAR, who made the best bid for the construction of a luxurious resort at the 60-acre site.

    Located at the narrowest part of the entrance to Tivat Bay, less than an hour from Dubrovnik International Airport, the 60-acre project will command an enviable position between mountain and sea and will overlook 1.2 km of Adriatic coastline.

    Source: Government of Montenegro