Open Government Partnership’s Operational team holds public consultations

    Podgorica, Montenegro (10 June 2015) – Open Government Partnership’s Operational team held earlier today the second cycle of public consultations on drafting the Second Action Plan.

    The meeting was attended by 50 representatives of the state institutions, regulatory agencies, NGOs, media, trade unions, as well as Ms Tamara Puhovski, member of the Council for the International Initiative of Open Government Partnership.

    The meeting reached several important conclusions, namely:

    1. It commended the ambitious content of the first draft action plan, particularly emphasising the need to efficially implement measures and activities which will be adopted;
    2. The participants stressed the need to further improve transparency in all institutions and bodies;
    3. Experience of Croatia in this particular area, presented by Ms Tamara Puhovski, was welcomed as very valuable;
    4. The decision made by the Operational team to give its best in re-launching the “Citizens’ Voice – e-Petitions“ platform was strongly supported;
    5. It stressed the need to supplement the first draft of the II Action Plan by using measures which will raise the level of social responsibility of public enterprises and other economic entities owned by the state, emphasising the fact that normative the legal framework already exists in this area.

    The meeting’s participants voiced their willingness to continue consultations with representatives of public institutions and bodies regarding the measures and activities proposed by the II Action Plan.

    The Operational team remains open to suggestions, and expects proposals and recommendations to be sent to the e-mail address of the Operational team, the meeting concluded.

    Source: Government of Montenegro