Operational Team approves OGP logo and web page design, agrees to propose a regional conference to be held in Montenegro

    Podgorica, Montenegro (21 December 2015) – At the session held earlier today, the Open Government Partnership’s Operational Team approved the conceptual logo design and two branding solutions, agreed on the design and content of the Open Government Partnership Montenegro web page and decided to propose to the Government a regional conference of the global initiative to be held in Montenegro.

    The conceptual logo design consists of the “Open Government Partnership Montenegro” inscription in the Montenegrin and English languages, written in white letters on a dark gray square background, including the characteristic colour spectrum of the global initiative under the lower side of the square.

    For the purposes of global branding of the Open Government Partnership initiative in Montenegro, the meeting endorsed two branding solutions, namely the contours of Montenegro and a stylised mountain, filled with the colour spectrum of this global initiative at the black rectangular background, with the “Open Government Partnership Montenegro” inscription written in white letters in Montenegrin and English in the central part with the Open Government Partnership Montenegro’s logo in the top right corner.

    The endorsed solutions will be in use after they are approved by this global organisation.

    The Operational Team also accepted the conceptual design of the Open Government Partnership Montenegro’s web page and agreed that it should retain, in addition to the action plan with clearly visible indicators of the degree of implementation of measures and activities, more information about the global Open Government Partnership and specific details of the global initiative’s work in Montenegro.

    It was also agreed to forward to the Government a proposal from the fifth session stating that the Operational Team should to be broadened by representatives of the Agency for the protection of personal data and free access to information, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, as well as printed and electronic media, University of Montenegro and non-governmental organisations dealing with human rights and vulnerable groups.

    Today’s meeting also concluded that the Operational Team should propose to the Government that a regional conference dedicated to transparency of state bodies in the context of using modern technology and the priorities and objectives of the global initiative should take place in Montenegro at the end of the first quarter of 2016.

    The Operational Team decided that the next session open to the public, which, if possible, should be held no later than this weekend, will present the agreed measures and activities, and discuss measures and activities on which no agreement was reached within the Operational Team.

    Source: Government of Montenegro