Opposition Democratic Front not approved to hold protests in14 Montenegrin towns

    Podgorica, Montenegro (4 October 2015) — At today’s press conference, Interior Minister Raško Konjević and Chief of the Police Slavko Stojanović noted that the protests of the opposition Democratic Front (DF), scheduled for tomorrow in 14 Montenegrin towns, have not been approved, as the applications were incomplete and submitted in less than 5 days as required by the Law on Public Gathering.

    Secretariat for Utilities and Transport of the Capital City has not yet officially informed the Ministry of the Interiors and Police Authority of the alleged issuance of approval to the DF for the stage and other equipment to remain for seven more days on Saint Peter of Cetinje Boulevard, in front of the parliament’s building in Podgorica, Minister Konjević stated. He added that the feedback from the institution is expected to be received by the end of the day.

    As to the last night’s talks with leaders of the Democratic Front, the Interior Minister told the press the DF representaives were suggested to relocate the protest to the park and use the current protest’s location between 17.30 pm and 22.30pm, but that the proposal was rejected.

    Source: Government of Montenegro