PM Đukanović, Ambassador Nesterenko, pledge to further boost cooperation between Montenegro and Russia

    Podgorica, Montenegro (17 July 2015) — Prime Minister Milo Đukanović hosted earlier today a farewell visit by Ambassador of the Russian Federation Andrei Nesterenko.

    Relations between Montenegro and Russia have a long and rich tradition, Prime Minister Đukanović and Ambassador Nesterenko stressed, pledging commitment to joint action towards further improving cooperation in various fields. PM Đukanović in particular pointed out that Montenegro consistently seeks to contribute to the preservation of good relations with Russia.

    The two officials discussed the reasons of a certain slowdown in the cooperation between the two countries, primarily caused by global geopolitical developments. Therefore, the emphasis was put on the importance of resolving issues rapidly, as well as on a common interest and mutual willingness to contribute to the process of strengthening stability in the Balkans.

    Extending best wishes for the prosperity of Montenegro and its people, Ambassador Nesterenko thanked the Government of Montenegro for the cooperation established during his diplomatic mission.

    Source: Government of Montenegro