PM Đukanović at Radio Montenegro: Protests organised by Democratic Front reiterate Government’s commitment to democratic governance

    Podgorica, Montenegro (6 October 2015) – Protests launched by one part of the opposition, namely Democratic Front, serve only as an evidence of real democratic capacities of the Montenegrin government and the country itself, Prime Minister Milo Đukanović stressed in his guest appearance at the “Responsible response” radio show on Radio Montenegro.

    Following Democratic Front’s announcement that the organisers will be persistent in protesting against the Government until its resignation, Prime Minister Đukanović said the following: “All of us have to follow the rules set up by democratic societies and we must not fail in respecting the democratic will of the citizens.”

    Even though the protests are peaceful, it does not necessarily mean that they are democratic, PM Đukanović underlined. “To organise protests in a democratic manner means to organise them in accordance with the Constitution and the country’s legal framework, but the Democratic Front’s protests caused a violation of the legal system. The organisers said that the protests will be held in front of the Parliament of Montenegro, but went back on their own statement, relocated the place of gathering and organised a protest walk, and created conditions for termination of the protests. Given such specific circumstances, the Government’s response only confirmed its democratic capacity and did not prohibit the continuation of protests,” PM Đukanović highlighted.

    PM Đukanović noted that he was hopeful the situation in Podgorica will soon go back to the usual.

    The Prime Minister also spoke about the recent activity of the Prosecutor’s Office in investigating corruption and abuse of office with the view to boosting its track-record in the rule of law area and voiced his and the Government’s support to those efforts.

    He also discussed the activities in the process of NATO integration and emphasised the importance of NATO membership for the improved quality of life and security of citizens in Montenegro.

    Source: Government of Montenegro