PM Đukanović congratulates Ramadan Bayram

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    Podgorica, Montenegro (4 July 2016) – Prime Minister Milo Đukanović congratulated Ramadan Bayram to the head of the Islamic Community of Montenegro Reis Rifat Fejzić and to all Muslim citizens, wishing them to spend the festive days in peace, harmony and joy.

    “Festive days indicate the sublime message of Islam, whose essence is mutual respect, the idea of coexistence and equality among people. Ramadan Bayram affirms timeless values such as humanity, compassion and kindness. Woven into the foundation of your faith, these values are necessary today when we all need to come together in order to preserve and improve the key achievements of civilization. The commitment to these ideas implies full protection and development of all the specifics. Therefore, ethnic, cultural, religious and other diversity, multi-ethnic and multi-religious harmony are the greatest wealth of Montenegro,” the Prime Minister’s letter reads.

    PM Đukanović said that this is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the significant contributions that members of the Islamic community offered to democratisation in Montenegro.

    “With gratitude for these efforts, I want you to mark the holiday with dignity, as befits people who are continually working to promote multicultural Montenegro,” Prime Minister noted.

    Source: Government of Montenegro