PM Đukanović, German Ambassador: Western Balkan’s integration into EU family of nations crucial for stability of Europe

    Podgorica, Montenegro (11 November 2014) — Strengthening the rule of law, mutual cooperation and infrastructural connection of the states in the region are crucial for dynamic economic development and further progress towards European and Euro – Atlantic accession, the meeting between Prime Minister Milo Đukanović and German Ambassador to Montenegro Gudrun Stainaker emphasised earlier today.

    PM Đukanović welcomed Ambassador Stainaker wishing her success in performing her diplomatic duties and commended the quality of bilateral relations established between Montenegro and Germany, particularly referring to the comprehensive and extensive cooperation and intensive political contacts at all levels. He thanked Ambassador Stainaker for the German continued support for Montenegro’s democratic and economic development, particularly when it comes to pursuing European and Euro – Atlantic foreign policy goals.

    Ambassador Stainaker underlined that Germany will continue supporting Montenegro in pursuing its European agenda and that her mandate will be committed to improving and boosting bilateral relations, particularly economic ones.

    The two officials agreed that integration of the Western Balkans in European and Euro – Atlantic community is extremely important for stability and unity of the entire Europe and its position at the global level.

    Source: Government of Montenegro