PM Đukanović, Hobbs of NATO PA: Membership invitation significant for Montenegro, Alliance, international security

    Podgorica, Montenegro (3 December 2015) – Prime Minister Milo Đukanović hosted earlier today Secretary General of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly David Hobbs.

    “We have made significant efforts in pursuing Euro-Atlantic accession process, namely to demonstrate our readiness for joining NATO Alliance. We are glad that our hard work has been acknowledged by the yesterday’s NATO decision,” PM Đukanović stressed, adding that NATO invitation creates preconditions for further democratic and economic development of the country on its path towards full-fledged membership in NATO and the EU.

    PM Đukanović said that invitation for NATO membership will contribute to the stability of the region and Europe, voicing his belief that even though Montenegro is small it will be NATO’s credible partner willing to promote Euro-Atlantic values across the Balkans. He also thanked Mr Hobbes for the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s continuous support and long-lasting cooperation.

    The Secretary General of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly welcomed the extending of NATO invitation, highlighting the country’s success achieved in less than ten years since regaining independence.

    This is an important decision not only for Montenegro, but for the Alliance and international security as well, Mr Hobbs emphasised. The NATO Parliamentary Assembly has always advocated NATO’s Open Door Policy, which was once again confirmed by inviting Montenegro to join the Alliance, he concluded.

    Source: Government of Montenegro