PM Đukanović: Invitation to join NATO is historic event and great civilisation turning point for Montenegro

    Podgorica, Montenegro (3 December 2015) –The invitation to join NATO is a historic event and a great civilisation turning point for Montenegro, Prime Minister Milo Đukanović noted at a special session of the Parliament, which was held in Old Royal Capital of Cetinje earlier today.

    “Expanding the Alliance, in our case, is unusual because for the first time in modern times only one country has been invited to join – at the ministerial level, after a six-year pause in the enlargement and between the two summits. Indeed, it is a great honour for Montenegro,“ said the Prime Minister.

    The decision was made at a time when Europe is facing a number of challenges that have multiple affects on its security.

    “Membership in NATO will have a positive effect on the entire Montenegrin society. Indubitably, it will strengthen the long-term stability and security of the country. It will strengthen its role in the region and globally. At the same time, it will mean the incentive for continued reforms and further progress in EU accession negotiations. Montenegro has already become a recognisable tourist and investment destination, and by endorsing and applying standards of the Euro-Atlantic community it will become even more attractive and appealing. All of this will bring about faster economic and democratic development and improve the quality of life of citizens,” PM Đukanović pointed out.

    The example of Montenegro shows that a time of major global events can be the time of great movements forward.

    “Our example confirms that major global challenges of our time can be an opportunity for great progress forward. The time needs responsible and brave citizens and decision-makers, and a strategic vision that assumes daily political interests. Success is only possible if national and state interests are being followed in a decisive and persistent manner,” the Prime Minister highlighted.

    The Prime Minister also stated that Montenegro, through the free will of the citizens, has won the right to decide on its own future and that no one has the right to deny that.

    “Our accession to NATO is not inspired by opposing anyone, but bringing the good to our citizens and our country, as well as by our desire to contribute to boosting regional stability and global security. NATO invitation is a civilisation turning point for the future of Montenegro. This is a crucial step forward in endorsing a new system of values underlying superiority of the societies gathered in the European and Euro-Atlantic families.

    He added that joining the Alliance will not endanger Montenegro’s independence and identity.

    “Membership in NATO will not change our identity, nor jeopardize our independence. On the contrary, it will further reinforce them. It will only mark our allegiance to a new civilisation and the club of the most advanced countries in the world, “said the Prime Minister.

    He explained it is clear that the invitation does not mean membership.

    “There are plenty of obligations lying ahead of us. We will continue making determined efforts, which will, in my opinion, accelerate the process of ratification by our allies. However, the most difficult section of our NATO journey has been completed. We have to meet requirements under the accession talks in order to be allowed to take part in the work of the Alliance and assume it rightful place as the 29th NATO member after the signing of the Accession Protocol at the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw,” the Montenegrin Prime Minister concluded in Cetinje.

    Source: Government of Montenegro