PM Đukanović meets foreign ministers of Romania, Hungary and Poland: NATO- guarantor of stability, prosperity, higher living standard

    Podgorica, Montenegro (23 July 2015) — Prime Minister Milo Đukanović hosted earlier today a working lunch for foreign ministers of Romania, Hungary and Poland, Bogdan Aurescu, Péter Szijjártó and Grzegorz Schetyna, who are paying an official visit to Montenegro.

    Montenegro has achieved overall progress and visible results in implementing reforms, and for that reasons it deserves to get a NATO invitation by the end of the year, the Polish, Romanian and Hungarian foreign ministers underlined.

    Prime Minister Đukanović thanked the foreign ministers for their countries’ continued support for Montenegro and the region on their EU path. He in particular referred to Montenegro’s development path since restoring independence and its commitment to pursuing reforms crucial for economic and overall progress of the state and its citizens. He also stated that the ongoing processes of the infrastructural linking the region, supported by the EU, is a way to overcome decades of backwardness and fully integrate the region into the community of European nations.

    The Prime Minister especially underlined his government’s commitment to accomplishing the most important foreign policy priority – membership in NATO, which is og high significance for further progress of the state and overall stability of the region.

    Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania congratulated Montenegro on the results achieved in a short period and stressed that the country has been a good role model of how to build a society in line with democratic standard in a complicated and still unstable region. They voiced belief that Montenegro is ready to become a member of NATO, which is a guarantor of stability, prosperity and higher living standard.

    The Polish Foreign Minister said that Montenegro is on the right track, hopeful that at the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw Montenegro will have the status of a member states, and that it can count on his country’s continued support in terms of the accession processes and strengthening economic cooperation between the two countries.

    Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, Montenegro’s contact country for NATO, noted that Montenegro is ready for the December invitation, highlighting its success in achieving economic development, rule of law, defense and security.

    PM Đukanović thanked the foreign ministers for their willingness to assist Montenegro in overcoming integration challenges and for their positive assessments of the progress achieved. He reiterated the importance of reforms and integration processes in the interest of Montenegrin citizens and good progress in all areas.

    Source: Government of Montenegro