PM Đukanović meets President Juncker: European Commission impressed by Montenegro’s progress towards EU


    Brussels, Belgium (14 April 2015) — Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Đukanović started his official visit to Brussels by meeting with the European Commission’s President Jean-Claude Juncker.

    During his first meeting with Prime Minister Đukanović ever since he took over the Commission’s reins, President Juncker noted that the European Commission is impressed by the track record Montenegro has developed on its European path, particularly referring to the country’s economic progress and stability of public finance. The meeting also emphasised that Montenegro’s commitment to promoting the rule of law and freedom of the media is encouraging.

    The Government of Montenegro is devoted to pursuing reforms and conducting negotiations on Montenegro’s accession to the European Union. In that context, he welcomed the European Commission’s commitment to supporting the open door policy for the Western Balkans.

    Montenegro’s Prime Minister reiterated the importance of developing infrastructure links in the region and with the European Union, as well as the overall economic development for further integration and progress.

    Source: Government of Montenegro