PM Đukanović on eve of Western Balkan conference in Berlin: Adriatic-Ionian highway regional development priority

    Cavtat, Croatia (25 August 2014) — Prime ministers of Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania met earlier today in Cavtat, Croatia, on the eve of the conference on the Western Balkans, which will be held in Berlin on 28 Augus, under the auspices of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    The meeting was an oportunity for prime ministers Đukanović, Milanovic, Bevanda and Rama to exchange views on infrastructure projects and other topics of common interest which may be discussed at the Berlin’s conference.

    “We are attempting to come up with a scenario which will create preconditions for economic and democratic development of the region. For Montenegro, it is about the development of transport and energy infrastructure, and in that regard we put special attention to the Adriatic-Ionian highway,” Montenegro’s Prime Minister Milo Đukanović told the press.

    The four countries’ representatives, the Prime Minister added, will make extensive efforts to present the highway project to European partners as a top priority for the development of the region, and take organisational steps towards its implementation.

    Source: Government of Montenegro