PM Đukanović, Poland’s Ambassador Sikorska: Good bliateral relations create solid bassis for strenghtening cooperation

    Podgorica, Montenegro (12 February 2015) – Prime Minister Milo Đukanović hosted yesterday Ambassador of Poland to Montenegro Grazina Sikorska on her farewell visit.

    Montenegro has been successful in implementing reforms and it has a bright European and Euro-Atlantic perspective, Ambassador Sikorska highlighted. She voiced her contentment about cooperation with the Montenegrin Government during her diplomatic mandate, adding that Poland is willing to support Montenegro’s process of intergation.

    On behalf of the Government, PM Đukanović thanked Ambassador Sikorska for her personal contribution to improving bilateral relations, stressing that good relations create a solid basis for strengthening cooperation, particularly in economy and investment. He commended Poland’s support for, Montenegro’s European and Euro-Atlantic accession process which represent a milestone for the overall reform of the society.

    The officials agreed that the two countries have a good perspective for strengthening dynamic dialogue at the highest level.

    Source: Government of Montenegro