PM’s Advisor Kojčić: Cooperation between Government and civil society improve within work of Anti-Discrimination Council

    Podgorica, Montenegro (16 October 2014) – In order to improve mechanisms of cooperation and strengthen partnership between the Government and relevant stakeholders, Prime Minister’s Advisor for Human Rights and National Coordinator for the implementation of the LGBT Strategy visited the NGO “Queer Montenegro” where he talked with president of the organisation Danijel Kalezić.

    The meeting discussed the improvements made in the fields of human rights and the rule of law, as well as in the key areas for prevention of discrimination of the LGBT population, action plans within the Euro-Atlantic accession process and the LGBT stategy.

    Advisor Kojčić was informed about the activities of the NGO “Queer Montenegro”, including their plans in organising the announced Montenegro’s pride parade scheduled for 2 November 2014. He also commended the cooperation between the Government and the civil society within the Anti-discrimination Council.

    The meeting emphasised the monitoring over the implementation of the LGBT Strategy and action plans adopted by the Government, and the major support of the Government in terms of increased visibility of the government’s officials at the upcoming Pride.

    Source: Government of Montenegro